Welcome to the ND update.

The ND update is a project of mine with the goal of bringing together the people and ideas of the holistic healing community in a weekly podcast. Although the ND in the title comes from Naturopahty, this project isn’t limited to the stories of Naturopaths. It is a place where information, ideas, and stories are shared with the goal of making everyone a more informed, connected, successful, and better practitioner. A case report of a homeopathy cure is just as welcome as a discussion of the latest double blind placebo controlled trial. Everyone benefits the more we hear and understand each other’s stories and the more informed we are as practitioners.


About me… my name is Dr. Matthew Strickland. I graduated from Bastyr in 2015 with just enough Web Development knowledge to put this thing together. I grew up in Charlotte, NC not having a clue I would find myself on this path. It was a chance visit with a Naturopath at the end of 2009 that is the reason I (and you) are here. I love our medicine and what we can offer people. I hope you find this podcast helps you become a more successful practitioner. I also have a holistic naturopathic medical practice in Durham, NC where I do general Naturopathic Care and specialize in helping people with autoimmune diseases, depression and anxiety, and digestive disorders.

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