Dr. Christie Fleetwood, ND

Starting a medical practice sounds like a daunting task to many people. Doing it an unlicensed state sounds even harder. It may even bring up thoughts of getting a visit from the friendly local medical police and getting handcuffed in the middle of a patient visit. The reality is that starting a medical practice as a naturopath … Continue reading How to Practice in an Unlicensed State as a Naturopathic Doctor

Dan Clements

Starting a practice can seem like a daunting task, especially for someone without any business experience or skills. Most of you didn’t get into your profession to be a business person, you just wanted to help people. Now that you’re close to graduating or already graduated, you’re faced with the task of either getting a … Continue reading Starting Your Own Practice with Dan Clements

Dr. Alison Chen, ND

You’re almost a doctor now or maybe you’re already done. You’ve got a unique set of skills that only a few thousand people alive can claim to share. Stop and think about that for a second. What are your options now? Residency, start a practice, work for someone else. All of those have their pluses and … Continue reading Travel the World While Working as an ND

Seth Braun

In today’s show we talk with Seth Braun about confidence, specifically confidence for clinicians. We focus less on what confidence is and more on how you can work to develop it. You might be thinking what does confidence have to do with medicine? The answer is everything. The confidence that you as a clinician have … Continue reading Developing Confidence with Seth Braun

Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND

In this podcast we talk with Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND about leadership, running your own business, and about his current venture Sharepractice. Dr. Brandeis graduated from Bastyr University in 2008. While at Bastyr he started the student newspaper The Beet, as well as co-founding the website Medfinds. He co-founded Sharepractice last year and has raised … Continue reading Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sharepractice with Dr. Brandeis

Dr. Steven Coward, ND

In this episode we talk to Dr. Steven Coward ND of Asheville Natural Health and Homeopathy. I met Dr. Coward through a preceptorship I did in the Fall of 2013 and he’s the real deal. He works only four days per week and has a net income of around six figures. In this podcast he … Continue reading Creating a successful practice with Dr. Coward

Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND

In this episode of the ND Update we talk to Dr. Amy Rothenberg about what she did to build her practice and become successful as an Naturopathic Physician. Dr. Rothenberg along with her husband Dr. Paul Herscu have a practice in Enfield, CT. Together they teach homeopathy through the New England School of Homeopathy. You … Continue reading Dr. Amy Rothenberg – Practice Building Tips

Dr. Laura Chan, ND

In this episode we talk to Dr. Laura Chan about how she filled her schedule in less than 2 years of practice. We also talk about important practice management tips including choosing the right electronic medical record system, putting money aside for taxes, and more. Dr. Chan graduated from Bastyr in 2011 with degrees in both … Continue reading Practice Building with Dr. Laura Chan

Dr. Dick Thom, ND

Dr. Dick Thom, of HBBH fame, speaks with us in this podcast about how to start a successful practice and much more. Dr. Thom currently practices at the American Center for Biological Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. He also runs the Health of Business, Business of Health workshops (HBBH) where he teaches (future) Naturopathic Physicians how … Continue reading Dr. Dick Thom – Starting a Successful Practice

Tad Hargrave

In this episode of The ND Update, Tad Hargrave tells us how to market yourself without selling out. Tad Hargrave has been involved in sales and marketing for years and has helped many Naturopathic Physicians and other’s in the natural health community market themselves more effectively. He’s run multiple workshops at Bastyr and runs the … Continue reading Tad Hargrave – Truth Marketing