Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, ND

This podcast is a continuation of last week’s podcast. It’s the second of this series on mastering the medical literature. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode start here. The guy answering my questions if the awesome Dr. Goldenberg, ND. If you want to learn about some of the latest natural medicine research on … Continue reading Mastering the Medical Literature – Niacin Study Part 2

Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, ND

Are you intimidated by reading a medical research article? Do you start reading, get to a number you don’t understand, and then put an article down? Or maybe can you get an idea of what an article is talking about, but don’t get certain sections sometimes? If you can answer yes to any of the … Continue reading Mastering the Medical Literature – Niacin Study Part 1

Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, ND

Change happens. As I type this, the quiet morning is being pierced by the rhythmic banging of a piece of heavy machinery destroying the last remains of the office building across the street. I won’t be here to see what rises from the pile of concrete and rebar, but it’s sure to be taller and … Continue reading Naturopathy and EBM with Dr. Goldenberg

Dr. Kurt Beil, ND

In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Kurt Beil ND, LAc, MPH about the healing power of nature. Intuitively, nature is something that we know is good for us, especially as people practicing or interested in CAM. Most of us feel this on some deep level, but what is science showing about the effects that … Continue reading The Healing Power of Nature with Dr. Kurt Beil

Brian Dias

Induced fears have been shown to be passed down at least 2 generations in mice in this latest research out of Emory University. We talk with Brain Dias, PhD about his cutting edge research in this episode of The ND Update. In his research, mice were exposed to an odor along with a mild footshock. … Continue reading Can your experiences affect your offspring? Science is saying maybe.