Dr. Steven King, ND

Many practitioners feel homeopathy can seem to be too complicated to take on, but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Steven King, ND breaks down homeopathy with tips on taking a good case and how he approaches case/patient analysis using Rajan Sankaran’s sensation method. This episode is the conclusion of the interview that was posted … Continue reading Homeopathy – Case Taking Tips and The Sankaran Method

Dr. Jennifer Brusewitz, ND

Cell phone use is increasing worldwide. We are told that the radiation they emit is safe, but is it really? We have now been using cell phones for over 30 years, and data is accumulating that the radiation they emit, although non-ionizing, has definite biological effects. A couple of Natural Medicine Journal articles on the topic … Continue reading A Primer on the Risks of Cell Phone Use

Kelly Morrow, RD

Together with regular physical activity and not smoking, our analyses suggest that over 80% of coronary heart disease, 70% of stroke, and 90% of type 2 diabetes can be avoided by healthy food choices that are consistent with the traditional mediterranean diet – Quote in a review of the Mediterranean diet by Walter Willett, MD of … Continue reading Getting to Know The Mediterranean Diet

Dr. Kurt Beil, ND

In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Kurt Beil ND, LAc, MPH about the healing power of nature. Intuitively, nature is something that we know is good for us, especially as people practicing or interested in CAM. Most of us feel this on some deep level, but what is science showing about the effects that … Continue reading The Healing Power of Nature with Dr. Kurt Beil

Dr. Mark Davis, ND

We talk with Dr. Mark Davis, ND today about fecal microbiota transplants (also known as FMT, fecal transplants, and fecal bacteriotherapy). This therapy which uses human donor stool has saved thousands of lives in the case of refractory C. Difficile infections and shows promise for Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Colitis, and many other conditions. This history … Continue reading Fecal Microbiota Transplantation with Dr. Mark Davis

Dr. Ben Lynch, ND

We talk with Dr. Benjamin Lynch today about all things MTHFR. Press play to learn more about: Why MTHFR is a real clinical issue The ethnicities most susceptable to these defects How to spot possible methylation defects clinically The upside and downside of genetic tests Why supplementing with methylated folate isn’t always a good thing The … Continue reading Dr. Benjamin Lynch talks MTHFR and Methylation

Dr. James Wilson, ND

In this episode of The ND Update we talk with Dr. James Wilson ND, DC, PhD about adrenal fatigue – what it is, and how to diagnose and treat it. Dr. Wilson brought the topic of adrenal fatigue into the mainstream with his book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome which has sold over … Continue reading Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. James Wilson

Dr. Steven Coward, ND

We welcome back Dr. Steven Coward in this episode of the NDUpdate to go over four homeopathic cases he selected and the takeaway lesson from each case. We start out the interview getting some recommendations on what resources to use to keep learning more about homeopathy. The books he mentions are: Allen’s Keynotes EB Nash’s … Continue reading Dr. Steven Coward – Four Homeopathic Cases

Andrew Ozinskas

When I think of trees I think of firewood, log cabins, shade, and more. I don’t usually think about medicine, but for a few exceptions (slippery elm, white willow). In this Podcast I talk with Andrew Ozinskas, a Kentucky herbalist, about the wide variety of medicinal trees and how to make medicines from them. We … Continue reading Medicinal Trees and More

Dr. Michelle Sexton, ND

Over 16 states plus DC have medical marijuana laws which cover close to a million patients. New research has shown that there is an extensive system of receptors for compounds found in marijuana throughout the brain, immune system and most parts of the body. In this podcast with Dr. Michelle Sexton we try to fill … Continue reading Medical Cannabis