In today’s show we talk with Seth Braun about confidence, specifically confidence for clinicians. We focus less on what confidence is and more on how you can work to develop it.

You might be thinking what does confidence have to do with medicine? The answer is everything. The confidence that you as a clinician have in the room with a patient may make the difference between both the success or failure of your own practice and the success of your patient as you work with them toward health.

This past summer when I was precepting for a second time with Dr. Coward, a long time ND, we had a good conversation around success. What was it that he saw, that he observed, in the ND’s who had made it that was different than those that didn’t make it? After a lot of thought he said it was two main things: 1. Having a certain modality, body system, or condition that you specialize in, and 2. Confidence.

This is the first podcast in a series that I’ll be doing on confidence because it is so important to success, and one of my goals with this podcast is to make you, the practitioner, more successful. As you succeed, our profession grows, there are healthier people in the world, and so on. Everybody wins.

According to Seth there are 3 levels of confidence:
1. The basic definition – Confidence – a combination of the latin roots Con and Fidelus, meaning to be faithful to. Being faithful to that which you want to be good at. This means showing up, working hard, practicing in a way that you resonate with. This part isn’t usually the problem for Naturopath’s, or others in the holistic healing community.
2. Generating resourceful states – it’s based on the idea that you are what you think. Taking time in the morning to be grateful for what it is that you have, so you are meeting others from a positive place, from a place of abundance.
3. Authenticity – Learning how to take the mask off.

We touch on resistance to change and how it is a normal part of growth. We also talk about the idea of persistence vs. pivoting and when to change course if something seems like it isn’t working.

Press play to learn more, and check out Seth’s coaching site here, and book Indestructible Success