In this podcast Dr. Jim Said gives us some clinical tips and talks through some interesting cases. Dr. Said is an ND, DC practicing out of Medford, OR. He’s been practicing for over 37 years. In this episode of The ND Update he shares with us his take on the mind, body, spirit connection and much more.

Press play to hear more on:
– The 5 domains of healing
– The importance of being congruent in a clinical encounter
– The importance of listening
– Why an ND needs to be an Generalist
– The importance of diet in every case
– What to do after diet has been fixed
– A case of debilitating pain, and no appetite cured with physical medicine
– A case of food allergies, weight loss, insomnia, and depression solved by addressing food allergies and mthfr deficits.
– A case of extremely severe menopausal symptoms cured by addressing mthfr deficits
– A case of Gilbert’s syndrome managed through diet

Resources mentioned:
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Herbert Shelton – Fasting Can Save Your Life
Ellen G. White – Counsels on Diet and Foods

MTHFR Lab Testing
Raw Data – 23 and ME
Run Info Through – MTHFR Support