In this podcast I talk with Dr. Steven Coward about what it takes to build a successful practice.

Dr. Coward practices in Asheville, North Carolina in his personal clinic. In 13 years he has built a practice where his schedule stays full, he makes close to a six figure NET income, all while seeing patients for only around 25 hours per week. We talk about:

  • Finding a place that you want to live and practice
  • Bringing in the first patient
  • Finding the right location
  • How to make money in your first month
  • Why bigger isn’t necessarily better
  • How much money to save for start up costs
  • The importance of a website
  • How to organize your businesses
  • The advantages of practicing in an unlicensed state

Hit play or download the podcast to start learning more about Dr. Coward’s model of successfully establishing a successful practice while creating the lifestyle you want.