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In today’s show we talk with Seth Braun about confidence, specifically confidence for clinicians. We focus less on what confidence is and more on how you can work to develop it. You might be thinking what does confidence have to do with medicine? The answer is everything. The confidence that you as a clinician have … Continue reading Developing Confidence with Seth Braun

Starting a medical practice sounds like a daunting task to many people. Doing it an unlicensed state sounds even harder. It may even bring up thoughts of getting a visit from the friendly local medical police and getting handcuffed in the middle of a patient visit.

The reality is that starting a medical practice as a naturopath in a state without licensure isn’t that difficult and has many advantages. For one, there is lots less competition. This is huge. Many states with millions of people have one or two naturopathic doctors. Some don’t have any. You have a chance of being a rockstar from the get go.

We talk about this idea as well as many others in this conversation with Dr. Christie Fleetwood, ND. She gives us tips from her experience practicing for 8 years in Virginia, an unlicensed state at the time (and still unlicensed as of this posting in June 2015). The only thing that made her leave was her husband accepting a job offer he couldn’t refuse.

Press play to hear more including:

  • The advantages of being a cash based practice
  • How to chart in an unlicensed state
  • Just how well you can do your first year out of ND school in an unlicensed state
  • Making referrals to doctors that don’t know what a naturopath is
  • How practicing in an unlicensed state can give you a better work/life balance
  • Clients vs. Patients
  • The importance of Docere
  • Getting malpractice insurance for cheap
  • What state to hold your license in when practicing in an unlicensed state
  • The best type of advertising
  • The importance of going where your heart will sing
  • Natural Awakenings – is it worth your advertising dollars
  • Advertising in a restaurant to gain business

And much more…..Press play to hear the entire conversation.