I was so close, so close, to calling this post “How The East Was Won”. That was feeling the that I was getting from this win for naturopathic medicine, but that would have been a bit presumptuous. There is still plenty of work to do on the east coast. This is a sign though of big change. The fact that Maryland has passed a bill licensing naturopathic doctors in the home state of the NIH and John’s Hopkins University is huge. The fact it only took 4 years is even more remarkable.

In this podcast we talk with Dr. Kristaps Paddock who is the president of the Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association about the bill that was passed. We talk about the specifics of the law including what naturopathic physicians can and can not do. We also talk about the process of getting the bill passed. It’s a great conversation.

Press play to learn more about:

  • The right that only ND’s and MD’s have now in Maryland
  • The scope of the Maryland naturopathic licensure law
  • What physical medicine is allowed and isn’t allowed with the new bill
  • The potential for a pharmaceutical formulary in Maryland
  • Finding allies and building relationships to help create change
  • Why a good lobbyist is essential for a licensure effort
  • Finding a sponsor for a bill
  • The importance of lobby days in education and building relationships
  • How to best educate others about naturopathic medicine
  • Negotiating with any opposition when trying to get a bill passed
  • Dealing with the medical society in your state licensure effort
  • Forming work groups to educate others on naturopathic medicine
  • What it took to reach the tipping point
  • Getting the support of the state Department of Mental Health and Hygiene
  • Working with the smaller medical organizations
  • The importance of being well rehearsed and professional
  • and much more….


  • Dr. Paddock – If you are working on a licensure effort or are thinking of practicing in Maryland Dr. Paddock has told me he welcomes your questions and encourages you to reach out. His email is paddock (at)) drpaddock.com . Replace the (at)) with @ when sending the email.
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