Over 16 states plus DC have medical marijuana laws which cover close to a million patients. New research has shown that there is an extensive system of receptors for compounds found in marijuana throughout the brain, immune system and most parts of the body. In this podcast with Dr. Michelle Sexton we try to fill in the gaps most medical schools leave out by talking about the biochemistry and clinical use of Cannanbis.

Dr. Sexton is a naturopath, a researcher, lecturer and a mom. She is currently setting up a practice in Sacramento, California.
Her research on echinacea¬†led her into her interest in medical Cannabis. She has done a variety of research on the clinical use of Cannabis, as well as it’s biochemistry. We start off the interview by talking about what it takes to get into research.

In this episode:
Getting into Research
– Choosing the right project
– Finding the right mentor

Medical Cannabis (starting at the 11:45 mark)
– Historical use of Cannabis
– Current legal classification

The Biochemistry of Cannabis
– It’s not just about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Learn about CBD (cannabidiol)
and it’s effects throughout the body
– The endocannabinoid signalings system (ecss) and it’s role in neurotransmission and immune¬†function
– The endogenously produced cannabinoids: anandamide and 2AG

Using Cannabis Clinically
– Helping pain patients decrease opioid use with Cannabis
– The use of Cannabis in autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis
Cannabis as an adaptogen
– Why variety matters and how to dose
– Managing an overdose
– Contraindications for use
– Using Cannabis as a “gateway herb” to natural medicine