Starting a practice can seem like a daunting task, especially for someone without any business experience or skills. Most of you didn’t get into your profession to be a business person, you just wanted to help people. Now that you’re close to graduating or already graduated, you’re faced with the task of either getting a job, residency, or working for yourself (starting your own gig). Working for yourself, starting your own practice, can be intimidating, but the freedom and opportunity that it brings offer its own rewards. ┬áIn this hour with Dan Clements we dispel the myth that starting a practice has to be a hard thing.

Dan Clements knows practice building. Together with his wife Tara Gignac, a Naturopathic Physician, they have built a successful practice in Ontario, Canada. They have also co-authored a couple of books on starting a successful practice including The Practitioner’s Journey, the required reading for our business class at Bastyr. Dan has some great insights on what it takes to start and build a successful practice.

In this hour we dive into starting a practice, tangible steps to take to get your practice off the ground, social media, buying a practice and much more.

Press play to learn more about

  • The skills you need to start a practice
  • Taking small steps toward a big goal
  • Building a referral network the easy way
  • The advantages of buying a practice
  • How to find practices for sale that may not be listed
  • Why doing all forms of social media is a bad thing
  • The power of the 15 minute intro visit
  • Online booking
  • And much more

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