In this episode of The ND Update, Tad Hargrave tells us how to market yourself without selling out. Tad Hargrave has been involved in sales and marketing for years and has helped many Naturopathic Physicians and other’s in the natural health community market themselves more effectively. He’s run multiple workshops at Bastyr and runs the website Listen to learn:

  • How to market yourself genuinely and be successful
  • Why figuring out who is a good fit for your practice is a key to success
  • Figuring out your niche
  • How to connect with other practitioners
  • What hubs are and how to connect to them
  • Why relationships are a key to your success and how they help everybody involved
  • Why your most important web page is your homepage
  • How to write an effective homepage
  • Why a good headshot is important
  • The value of social media
  • Which social media to get involved with
  • Having a personal Facebook account vs a business account

Resources We Talk About:
Ari Gelper – Reverse Selling
How to write a great bio
Ebook – How to write a homepage your clients will love
Mark Silver –

Press play to learn how to market more effectively and connect with the patients that are right for you.