One of the challenges and great rewards of naturopathic medicine is the different modalities that we can use to help heal patients. Physical medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, and more. One quote from an elder is that we “do what works”. I like that. What about the basics though? Diet, exercise, stress management, self-talk, relationships – those fundamental things, those things that usually have to be in place for the rest to work. It’s easy to lose sight of these as appointment times grow shorter from the pressure to maximize patient loads, and as new and practicing ND’s struggle to pay back large student loans, and experience low rates of insurance reimbursement. The fundamentals will always be there though, codified in the eternal truths of health and in our very own therapeutic order of naturopathic medicine. This is a podcast about the basics, a show on how to assess and treat patients using these fundamentals of health.

Long ago Dr. Charley Cropley decided that the fundamentals were all that he was going to work on with his patients. He doesn’t use any supplements or drugs and his patients get better. Dr. Charley Cropley was Colorado’s first naturopathic physician (Yes, the original), starting his practice there in 1979. He’s been voted Boulder, Colorado’s top alternative healthcare practitioner multiple times, and he’s a wealth of information on the basics.
He works with patients on nutrition, exercise, their thinking, and their relationships, and he’s been doing this for over 30 years. He’ll probably say some things you won’t agree with and that’s good (You’re not a true naturopathic physician if you agree with everything your colleague says) , but I guarantee you’ll learn something from this hour that will let you treat your patients more effectively.

Press play to learn more about:

  • The one thing that everyone is trying to do in life
  • How we are the authors of our own health
  • Illness as an expression of the Vis
  • Medicines as diluting personal power
  • The ways of eating, moving and resting, thinking, and communicating.
  • How to assess and treat in these areas
  • The idea of not treating patient, teaching the patient
  • The power of your relationship with your patients
  • Helping patients discover the roots of their health issues themselves
  • Doctoring as a dance
  • Self-mastery as a skill – bringing our actions into harmony with wisdom

Resources mentioned:
The Mucusless Diet Healing System
Food Is Your Best Medicine