In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Kurt Beil ND, LAc, MPH about the healing power of nature. Intuitively, nature is something that we know is good for us, especially as people practicing or interested in CAM. Most of us feel this on some deep level, but what is science showing about the effects that exposure to nature or elements of nature (like plants) have on us? How can this help our patients heal faster or become more resilient to stress?

Dr. Beil has done research on this topic himself. He is also well versed on the studies that have been done on the healing power of nature and natural environments. We talk about both in this podcast. Press play to learn more about:

  • What biophilia is and why you probably have it
  • How having a view of nature increased healing rates in a hospital setting
  • Why having a fish tank in your office may improve healing
  • The differences in how men and women respond to their environment
  • How moving to an area with more nature improved mental health in a large English study
  • When to “prescribe nature” to a patient – how it can improve healing rates
  • And much more…..

1984 Science article on faster healing from having a view of nature while in a hospital
Dr. Beil’s 2013 study on stress levels after exposure to natural or urban environments
Article on the English study of mental health and natural environments