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Dr. Amy Rothenberg – Practice Building Tips

Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND

Broadcast : April 14,2014

In this episode of the ND Update we talk to Dr. Amy Rothenberg about what she did to build her practice and become successful as an Naturopathic Physician. Dr. Rothenberg along with her husband Dr. Paul Herscu have a practice in Enfield, CT. Together they teach homeopathy through the New England School of Homeopathy. You can find out more information about Dr. Amy here and check out her book with stories about naturopathic medicine here. In this episode we talk about:

  • How to get patients through speaking
  • Where the best places to speak are
  • What to include in your speech
  • Practicing with a spouse
  • Why time away from your practice is important and how to manage that time away
  • How to explore stress as a factor in health during a patient visit
  • Managing patients getting multiple treatment modalities – how to know what is working
  • Why it’s important to know how patients found your practice
  • Things that every patient wants during their visit
  • When to refer a patient
  • Tips on learning while still in the clinic
  • And more….

In the podcast I reference a post on the Huffington Post where Dr. Amy talks about her breast cancer diagnosis. That can be read here.

She also talks about a list of places to give a speech that can downloaded here.

Dr. Dick Thom – Starting a Successful Practice

Dr. Dick Thom, ND

Broadcast : February 5,2014

Dr. Dick Thom, of HBBH fame, speaks with us in this podcast about how to start a successful practice and much more. Dr. Thom currently practices at the American Center for Biological Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. He also runs the Health of Business, Business of Health workshops (HBBH) where he teaches (future) Naturopathic Physicians how to be successful once they graduate. In this podcast we talk about:

  • What you should be working on now to be prepared for life after graduation
  • How to get a loan to start your practice
  • The best banks to approach for a loan
  • How to hone your business plan
  • How to find the best electronic medical record system
  • Why learning the business model of your preceptors is as important as the learning their clinical skills
  • The right attitude for success
  • How to get better at public speaking
  • Finding speaking gigs and turning them into patients
  • The power of saying “I don’t know”
  • Learning by going to specialists with patients

Press play to learn more about how to be successful in your current or future practice.

Surviving Graduation and Starting a Practice

Dr. Jennifer Berg, ND

Broadcast : January 20,2014

Dr. Jenny Berg shares with us some awesome tips on how to survive (and thrive after) graduation from naturopathic medical school, and what you need to do to start preparing now. She also shares her experience and tips on starting a practice. A 2012 graduate from Bastyr with degrees in both Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Dr. Berg runs business workshops in addition to running her practice in the University District of Seattle, WA.

In this podcast learn:

  • The steps to take now to start preparing for graduation
  • How to get money now to help you once you graduate
  • Where to look for a job
  • When you should apply for you license
  • How to speed up the process of getting your license
  • Whether or not you need malpractice insurance
  • Starting a practice
  • Finding the perfect location
  • Leasing and making modifications to the space
  • Finding a business lawyer
  • Having a cash based vs insurance based practice
  • What to do in the first months of your practice when you’re still building your practice and patients aren’t coming in the door
  • Why the flow of a clinic is important and how to figure it out
  • Defining your clinic image
  • Naming your clinic
  • Starting a clinic with another person

For more information on her workshops contact her at jennybergnd at gmail dot com.

Dr. Steven Coward – Establishing a successful practice

Dr. Steven Coward, ND

Broadcast : November 6,2013

In this podcast I talk with Dr. Steven Coward about what it takes to build a successful practice.

Dr. Coward practices in Asheville, North Carolina in his personal clinic. In 13 years he has built a practice where his schedule stays full, he makes close to a six figure NET income, all while seeing patients for only around 25 hours per week. We talk about:

  • Finding a place that you want to live and practice
  • Bringing in the first patient
  • Finding the right location
  • How to make money in your first month
  • Why bigger isn’t necessarily better
  • How much money to save for start up costs
  • The importance of a website
  • How to organize your businesses
  • The advantages of practicing in an unlicensed state

Hit play or download the podcast to start learning more about Dr. Coward’s model of successfully establishing a successful practice while creating the lifestyle you want.