Dr. Jennifer Berg, ND LAc gives us the goods today on taking the naturopathic clinical boards, licensing for ND’s, and malpractice insurance for naturopaths. Dr. Berg has taken the clinical boards, gone through the naturopathic licensing process, and done the insurance search before starting her practice Aria Integrative Medicine in the U district of Seattle. She has spoken to lots of her colleagues about the above topics and shares with us what she knows on today’s show. Learn more about:

  • When to start studying for the ND clinical boards
  • How to identify the topics you are weak in
  • How to do the ND boards while dual tracking
  • Strategies to maximize the time you spend studying
  • The top resources to help you pass boards
  • How to prepare yourself physically for 3 days of exams
  • The optional parts of the exam you need to take to be licensed
  • How to prepare for the minor surgery part of the exam
  • How long it takes to get results back after taking boards and what to do with that time
  • Why you might want to wait before applying for a license
  • Why its a good idea to start filling out the license application now
  • What a pharmacy attestation is, why it’s needed, and how to get it
  • How to expedite the licensing process
  • How you can become a licensed Washington naturopathic physician without setting foot in the state
  • What state to get your license in if you are going to practice in a state without a license
  • What an NPI number is, why you need it, and how to get
  • Why its a good idea to get malpractice insurance, and when to apply
  • The cost of malpractice insurance for ND’s
  • The top providers of malpractice insurance for naturopathic physicians

For more information about her business workshops send her an email at jennybergnd (at) gmail dot com
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Resources Discussed
Naturopathic Clinical Boards (NABNE)
Yarnell’s study materials
Case Files Pharmacology

Naturopathic Physician Licensing
Washington State Licensing
Oregon Naturopathic Licensing
NPI Number Application
DEA Number Application

Malpractice Insurance
Sprague, Israel, Giles
American Naturopathic Council