Induced fears have been shown to be passed down at least 2 generations in mice in this latest research out of Emory University. We talk with Brain Dias, PhD about his cutting edge research in this episode of The ND Update.

In his research, mice were exposed to an odor along with a mild footshock. The offspring of the mice avoided the odor when exposed to a room that had the odor in part of it. This happened both in mice that were allowed to breed normally and in mice that were bred via in vitro fertilization. This proved that the behavior was inherited and not learned.

Further, Brian and his team, showed that in the sperm of mice that were exposed to the odor and footshock, the odorant receptor gene was less methylated. This epigenetic change allows for more transcription of the odorant receptor. The way this epigenetic change occurs is unknown.

Press play to hear Dr. Dias talk about his research and it’s implications for humans and medicine.

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