Change happens. As I type this, the quiet morning is being pierced by the rhythmic banging of a piece of heavy machinery destroying the last remains of the office building across the street. I won’t be here to see what rises from the pile of concrete and rebar, but it’s sure to be taller and more expensive. The people walking down the street in the future admiring it for what it is, but not knowing what stood before or the hard work it took to make it make it livable and cast its long shadows across the sidewalk of Wallingford Avenue.

Change is happening in naturopathic medicine. The number of ND practitioners continues to grow. Schools are expanding. Scopes are expanding. ND’s in Washington can now accept Medicaid. Seemingly every year another state gains licensure. But overall we’re still fighting to get out of the shadow of the American Medical Monolith, not yet big enough to cast our own.

The relationship between naturopathy and evidenced-based medicine is part of that change.

In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, ND, a researcher, clinician, and entrepreneur about naturopathy and evidenced-based medicine.

While a naturopathic medical student, Dr. Goldenberg did a research study on attitudes toward evidenced-based medicine within the profession. Listen to the podcast to hear more about:

  • What evidenced-based medicine really means
  • What has driven a change in attitudes inside and outside the profession
  • Problems with the “evidence”
  • And much more….

We also get to know Dr. Goldenberg a little better, and hear more about his current venture, Dr. Journal Club, where he evaluates relevant research in weekly short video clips (and more). Check it out here.